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IT'S DONE! the Mural Project is complete and it looks amazing! 
i have a DREAM team - thanks to everybody on the crew! 

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september 26, 2011
the mountain has arrived
it's mountain day - final element

and the rain + wind hammering our crew
 dedicated crew ... or crazy?

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september 24, 2011
all seven photos are now up
dad Norm + son Tyler

ya it's cold out
logging truck is up

now the train image - 20ft wide!

september 23, 2011
 four photos + text sign up today
 this morning - fresh snow - definitely time to finish up
text sign goes into place

 Norm welcomes you!
 time for photos!
 getting the photos up in panels - cool!

rain, wind + sun...
 pugsley street photo
look at that snow!
two photos up!
changing screws on the backside

september 22, 2011
whoa this is high up!!!!!
keep smilin' don't fall!
the park where this site is - is now called Mural Park!
Norm wanted them to call it Leah Park but that's just too much
(isn't it??? :))
the boys gettin ready for a cold mural day
behind the mural - oh so colourful
keepin' an eye on this crew!

trees going in place!
the wall is up!

photos have arrived!

wow photos look great
UV bulbs drying our graff guard coating
 drying section by section
glow hut
final coatings
rock work
kelly kranz rock work for the wall

getting the text sign ready for installation
the boys
the construction crew + artist boss lady
roger don't be scared - the rain will stop someday!

installing in the rain!
 almost there guys!

sept 21 - just need a couple of days of clear weather to finish, c'mon!

visitors to the production site!
need more supplies...

lou studying her work...
train tracks track tracks

we are working in the curling rink!
view from upstairs
tree template + this year's xmas tree
getting the patterns sketched out
yes! very cool
double tree imagery
august 5, 2011

don't do it norm!

more tarp enclosure - airtight!

they're still smiling - that's a good thing

mountain almost finished

designer rain boots destroyed

the hero: evolution dehumidifier

new glasses - i see everything!

whoa clean up time

almost there...

starting the train tracks

July 26, 2011 More Mural Updates:

 plans + calendars + work spaces

 glowing tarp enclosure

 getting the mountain going...

 the footing for the stone wall:

 keeping our moist weather out!

July 6th: mural wall is built...great job guys!

July 6th, 2011 : started the New Hazelton Mural Project 80ft long!

double pencil horns

sketching out letters

the space: huge enough for a huge project